Durham Ranch Wagyu are raised on ranches practicing sustainable land management. The cattle are never administered hormones or antibiotic growth promotants and are humanely treated. Most American Wagyu, also known as American Style Kobe Beef, are a cross between full blood Japanese Wagyu and either Red or Black American Angus or Charolais. Durham Ranch Wagyu are born and raised in the USA and consist of a minimum of 50% full blood Wagyu Beef. Exquisite and luxurious, the Durham Ranch Wagyu experience is indescribable. The Wagyu’s white lattice marbling creates juiciness and tenderness sophisticated American chefs demand. Unexpectedly, the fat makeup of Wagyu is primarily unsaturated fat; often-time making Wagyu cuts healthier than many USDA Prime beef products.

Chuck Shoulder Clod
Chuck Shoulder Clod
Chuck Shoulder Clod Roast (Clod Heart)
Chuck Top Blade (Flat Iron)
Chuck Top Blade (Flat Iron) Split/Seam
Teres Major (Shoulder Tender)
Chuck Square Cut-2 Pc Boneless
Chuck Roll, Neck Off 0x1
Plate Short Rib-5 Bone
Plate Short Rib-Boneless
Chuck Short Rib
Chuck Short Rib-Boneless
Flap Meat-Chuck

Back Ribs
Export Ribs 2×2
L.O. Ribeyes 2×2 Silver 3-4
L.O. Ribeyes 2×2 Black 5-7
L.O. Ribeyes 2×2 Gold 8+
Rib Finger Meat

0x1 Striploin  Silver 3-4
0x1 Striploin  Black 5-7
0x1 Striploin  Gold 8+
Top Butt Cc-Cap 0ff Silver 3-4
Top Butt Cc-Cap 0ff Black 5-7
Top Butt Cc-Cap 0ff Gold 8+
Top Sirloin Cap-Fat On
Tri Tips-Peeled
Peeled Tender Silver 3-4
Peeled Tender Black 5-7
Peeled Tender Gold 8+
Flap Meat-Sirloin

Inside Round
Inside Round
Inside Rounds-Cap Off
Outside Round Flats
Peeled Knuckle
Eye Of Round

Flank Steak
Inside Skirt
Outside Skirt
Outside Skirt-Peeled

Miscellaneous Cuts
Cheek Meat
Hind Shank- B/I Cc
Hanging Tender
Neck Bones
Marrow Bone-Cc Femur
Marrow Bone-Cc Arm
Marrow Bone-Cc Hindshank
Marrow Bone-Cc Foreshank
Trim 80/15
Trim 80/15
Trim 30/50

Portion control items also available.