September 2014 Meat Association Report

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Current September 2014 Market Report

Durham Ranch Venison Cutting Demonstration

We were happy to again host our friend and renowned Chef Graham Brown this morning as he demonstrated how to deconstruct a Denver Leg.  He is an amazing chef who loves to share his great passion for venison, a healthy alternative protein that can comfortably fit into any diet and menu.  Among the tastings were Venison Potstickers, Venison Sliders and a special surprise dish, whose recipe we will share next week.    To try venison in your kitchen, give our sales team a call.  We are happy to share ideas, suggestions and recipes to help integrate this healthy, low calorie, low carb, low fat, delicious and rich protien into your food repertoire.


Durham Ranch Natural Venison Stroganoff

Need a quick, natural, delicious and exotic dish for dinner?  Join our friend and renowned Chef Graham Brown as he prepared Venison Stroganoff in under 8 minutes!

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2014 Rib Cookoff a Success!

It was a great weekend – crowds were as expected (well over 500,000!) and the 241,000 lbs of ribs are now history!   Thank you to the Nugget and the wonderful cookers who made the event a success!  We were happy to be of service!  Looking forward to next year already…  mmmmmmm!

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Tips: Cooking with Bison

While bison is similar to beef in flavor, it has far less fat, so it needs different preparation to achieve the best results. Specific techniques vary by cut, but here are some general guidelines.

callout-bison-basics-01 callout-bison-basics-02


Bison requires about 1/3 less cooking time than beef. However, you don’t want to rush it. Cooking bison over a lower temperature helps maintain its moist and tender texture


Like beef, bison is best enjoyed rare to medium rare. But remember, it requires 1/3 less heat to cook. “Low and slow” is a good rule to follow as long as you don’t overcook.


Let your bison rest in a warm place for 5 to 15 minutes after cooking. Don’t cut into bison until it has rested. Cutting too soon will let the sealed-in juices escape.


For the best taste, most bison steaks and roasts should be cooked to an internal temperature of 120–140° F when taken off grill or out of oven. Trust your meat thermometer, not your eyes!

Thank you Bison Council! 


It’s Rib Cookoff Time!

Sierra Meat and Seafood is proud to be the rib supplier for the Best of the West Nugget Rib Cookoff again this year! DSC_0910 We loving seeing our refrigerated warehouse fill up with case after case, pallet after pallet, truckload after truckload of Delicious Ribs!  Well over 250,000 pounds of it!! We make room for the inventory every year and it stacks floor to ceiling nicely.  Pretty soon, the aisles will fill up as well!

We set up a temporary office on location at the Nugget and have trucks, forklifts, and delivery personnel staffed at the event from start to finish.  If you see a forklift carefully navigating the sea of people at the event, loaded with cases of meat, know that Sierra Meat is on a mission!  We make it our personal goal to ensure that no one runs out of food!

The Best of the West Nugget Rib Cookoff runs from August 27 to Sept 1st, 2014.  See you there!