Who We Are

We are a third generation family business operating four distinct businesses:
  • Reno Tahoe Meat and Seafood Distributor to Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions
  • Private Label Manufacturer of Portion Control Meat & Seafood
  • Specialty and Exotic Manufacturer and Distributor
  • Ranchers of Bison on our 65,000 acre bison ranch in Wyoming
Reno/Tahoe Distributor Manufacturer
  • We serve Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe Hotels, Restaurants and Institutions
  • Premium full line of meat and seafood delivered six days a week to more than 200 customers
  • Licensed Certified Angus Beef distributor

Private Label Manufacturer
We private label further portioned meat products for large food distributors who see value in providing high quality portion control meat products to their food service customers under their own brand.

Specialty & Exotic Manufacturer & Distributor
Manufacture and distribute specialty and exotic meat nationally through our distributor partners. Featuring our own Durham Ranch brand of natural and sustainable specialty meats.

Ranchers of Bison
We have been ranching bison in Wyoming since we bought & named it The Durham Bison Ranch in 1965.  Namesake to our line of natural and sustainable specialty meats. 65,000 acres in north east Wyoming. Over 4,500 head of North American premier Bison stock which has been run for the last thirty years by John Flocchini, grandson of our patriarch Armando Flocchini Sr.