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Specialty Proteins

Leading a Legacy of Natural & Sustainable Proteins

The Flocchini Family are pioneers in the specialty protein industry in the United States. Rich Flocchini Sr. was at the helm of the specialty protein division back when the company operated as ‘Durham Meat Company’ in the 1960s. Since then, the demand for specialty proteins has been growing like rapid fire! Whether it’s the allure of trying a wagyu ribeye steak for the first time or the desire to remain health conscious, our line of specialty proteins has a home on every menu.

We are much more than just a specialty protein distributor, we can cut Wagyu steaks in our cut room, grind a delicious Bison patty or even make the best Elk sausage you’ll ever have at our sausage facility. There are so many opportunities in the specialty protein segment of our business.


Sourced from the Flocchini Family’s 55,000-acre ranch in Gillette, WY, bison is an extremely healthy and lean protein source that packs a great flavor profile. In a 4oz serving of Durham Ranch Ground Bison, there are 250 calories and 21g of protein. Bison is also high in iron, with 3mg per 4oz serving. The taste of Bison is often compared to beef, though bison is a more delicate flavor. All Durham Ranch Bison are never administered any antibiotics, growth promotants or stimulants, ever.

Elk & Venison, New Zealand

New Zealand Elk & Venison are proteins of exceptional taste, tenderness, and nutritional value. Sustainably produced, our pasture-raised venison offers an unforgettable eating experience. Enjoy the rich flavors and delicate texture of New Zealand’s finest red meat. There are 200 calories, 25g or protein and 10g of fat in a 4oz serving of our Durham Ranch Ground Elk. All Durham Ranch Elk & Venison is free of antibiotics and steroids

Cervena Elk & Venison, New Zealand

The name Cervena, originates from two Latin words: Cervidae, which means deer, and Venison, which originally meant hunting but has developed over the centuries to mean deer meat. To qualify as Cervena, animals must be three years old or younger, raised naturally on open New Zealand pastures and without hormones or steroids. All Cervena Elk & Venison must meet rigorous production and quality standards. All Cervena Elk & Venison is free of antibiotics and steroids.


The meat from Wagyu cattle is known worldwide for its intense marbling. Wagyu provides an eating experience that is like no other, through its naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness, and juiciness. It’s guaranteed that anyone who enjoys Wagyu will have a great dining experience. All Durham Ranch Wagyu is sourced from the Midwest and is a cross of Japanese Wagyu and American Black Angus. All Durham Ranch Wagyu are never administered any antibiotics, growth promotants or stimulants, ever.

Wild Boar

All of our Wild Boar is truly wild caught. Sourced from Texas, our Wild Boar animals eat a vegetarian diet and live 100% in the wild. Although often compared to pork, Wild boar tastes more like a cross between pork and beef, with a juicier texture. Don’t be fooled by the marbling, Wild Boar is much leaner than traditional pork. Wild Boar is low in fat and cholesterol with a sweet, nutty flavor. All Durham Ranch Wild Boar are never administered any antibiotics, growth promotants or stimulants, ever.