Bud Flocchini


Armando (Bud) Flocchini grew up in San Francisco and in his early life contemplated becoming a dentist. Hard to believe that now at 91 years old, having spent the last 70+ Years in the meat and ranching business. Read More ....

Chris Flocchini

Vice Chairman, Armand Agra

Since Stepping down as President and CEO in 2020, Chris has been working with Armand Agra Chairman Richard Harris in co-managing the company’s Division Presidents, representing the Flocchini Family Read More ....

John Flocchini

Durham Bison Ranch Manager

Having grown up on the ranch, John’s passion is in perfecting the bison experience, from sustainable and holistic ranching practices to perfecting the optimum taste when served in four-star restaurants.

Bernadette Flocchini

Senior Vice President & Director of Specialty and Exotic Proteins

Bernadette’s start to working in the family business goes all the way back to her youth. When her mom needed a break from having all the kids in the house Read More ....

Steve Flocchini Sr

Durham Ranch Brand Manager

The trained chef of the family, Steve applies his culinary expertise as the Durham Ranch Brand Manager. His eye for excellence is key to drive the Durham Ranch Brand of Specialty Meats into the future.

Patrick Flocchini

Operations Specialist

Business happens when goods exchange hands. Patrick’s keen organizational and logistics focus keeps our shelves stocked, trucks moving and the best protein in the business headed straight to you.

Rick Flocchini

Production and Manufacturing Manager (Retired)

Growing up in the business, Rick quickly became skilled in production. A butcher by trade, and a manager by experience, Rick ran a spotless & skilled production department where the meat of our business was and still is born (pun intended!).

Stephen Junichi Flocchini

Business Development Manager

Making his mark and stretching his wings, Stephen is a fourth-generation family member. He’s been in the business for 16 years and has developed a wealth of knowledge for the meat and seafood industry. Stephen is organized, focused and strategic; upholding the family legacy with a grounded, personal sales approach.

Hollie Glisson

Quality and Food Safety Technician

Getting her start in the meat industry by working alongside her dad, Rick, in the production room, Hollie is a detail oriented and diligent addition to the team, committed to getting the most wholesome product to you! Hollie is also a fourth generation family member, joining her cousins Stephen and Kate.

Kate Castro

Merchandising Manager

Kate Castro is the Merchandising Manager for Sierra Meat & Seafood Company while also working as a Category Manager. The Merchandising Manager role is new to Kate, and the company, but she is eager to learn how she can help the business find continued success based on it’s range Read More ....

Ryan Flocchini

FSQA Technician

Son of Rick, and brother of Hollie, Ryan is hungry for knowledge and driven by success. A willingness to learn, and a calm demeanor are some of his best qualities. His top priority is ensuring our product is of the highest quality possible.