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Harness the Power of Formula Fed Veal

We are proud to source veal from a company with a reputation of producing only the highest quality for over fifty-three years. Our formula fed veal offers the best taste and tenderness you can get your hands on. Exclusive to the Veal industry, a professionally trained team oversees the calves’ health and performance from the day they are born and every farmer is required to be certified through a comprehensive program to raise the animals.

“Formula Fed” means the Veal have been fed a milk replacer that has been researched and developed specifically to produce wholesome, high-quality veal meat. All milk ingredients and fat components used are edible grade to ensure safety. Formula Fed Veal is harvested around 20 weeks. It is light pink, almost milky in color, with a very tender soft texture. All our Veal is sourced from rural American family farms and ranches.

*Not all products we carry are CA Prop-12 Compliant*